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At Hormone Wellness MD we aim to restore the doctor patient relationship. We understand that health isn’t achieved with a stack of prescriptions, but with healthy communities, movement, nutrition and self care. We want to hear your story and partner with you to nurture vitality and create wellness in your life.

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Our mission is to empower women to reimagine what is possible for their health. Whether you are seeking help restoring balance with PCOS or optimizing the transition to menopause, we are here to guide and support you on that journey. Our model is unique in that we are combining Functional medicine tools with women’s medicine to address the root cause of your health imbalance

Finding the right fit is crucial in selecting a healthcare provider. Obviously you want to make sure that the provider is an expert in her field but you also need a space where you feel comfortable sharing health challenges and overcoming obstacles.

Have you ever left a doctor’s appointment and weren’t really able to explain to your family what happened when you got home? If so, you are not alone! Our practice is intentional in preventing this by providing handouts and videos to support you. In addition, we offer a weekly educational opportunity with topics selected by members. This presentation is recorded and archived and can be accessed by members at any time. Following the presentation there is a virtual live Q and A where members can get their questions answered as well as receive support and ideas from the membership community.

We invite you to check out our online class “Are We A Good Fit?” to determine if we can serve as your partner and guide on your health journey.

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In lieu of a New Patient Consultation (also referred to on our website as a Discovery Call), we are currently allowing new patients to watch this video series as an introduction. Once all the videos have been watched, new patients will have the opportunity to schedule a initial appointment with Kate Willis, NP-C.