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At Hormone Wellness MD we have almost 20 years of experience in women’s health. Our practice prioritizes midlife women – helping them discover holistic solutions for achieving and maintaining their vitality. 

Are You Ready To Restore Your Health?

Why Hormone Wellness MD?

You deserve solutions to your health concerns, not just drugs to cover up the symptoms.

At Hormone Wellness MD we dive deeper to seek out the root cause of the imbalance and support the body’s ability to heal itself.

If you can benefit from hormones we will support you in finding the safest, most effective solution for your specific needs. If you are seeking a hormone-free solution we have botanical options that are safe even for cancer survivors.


We Specialize In Hormonal Health

Our practice is focused on hormonal health – we don’t do GYN surgery, we don’t practice OB. This intense focus allows us to stay up to date on cutting edge advances in hormonal health.

In addition, Dr. Watson has had sexual medicine training from ISSWSH and functional medicine training from IFM and A4M. This extensive training gives her a unique skill set to help you achieve optimal wellness.

We Focus On Personalized Care

We will craft a treatment plan that will address your unique sources of imbalance in your health.

Our practice will see hundreds of patients, not thousands, so we will have time to create personalized solutions together that work for your lifestyle.

Functional Medicine Looks At All Pieces Of The Puzzle

A functional medicine approach focuses on the all systems in the body.

We look at gut health, detoxification, and immune response – just to name a few.

Your hormonal health intersects with all systems and we will create a plan with a whole person approach.

Meet Dr. Polly Watson

Dr. Polly Watson is a board certified OBGYN who has additional training in menopausal medicine, sexual medicine and functional medicine.

She looks forward to sharing her knowledge with you to help find a solution to address the imbalance in your system and restore your health.

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