Sexual Wellness

Each woman has variations in all parts of her life, and her sex life is no exception. There are seasons of bountiful harvest and there are winters of scarcity. However, many women reach mid life and feel devoid of desire with no hope of the coming spring.

Achieving sexual wellness is an important part of our health that is often overlooked but patients and providers. When we are in touch with our bodies and connect with ourselves or others in pleasure we nurture our health and vitality. 

Too often, women feel their libidos lag. If they gather the courage to address this with a healthcare provider they are often brushed off, and told that this is simply part of aging. On the other extreme, some women are treated with high dose testosterone pellets, without clear and comprehensive counseling on side effects or follow up labs to determine how the testosterone is metabolized in the body. 

Women deserve respectful and intelligent sexual medicine. Dr. Watson has attended courses with ISSWSH, (International Society for the Study of Womens’ Sexual Health) to stay abreast of the latest developments in sexual medicine. 

At Hormone Wellness MD, we provide a safe judgement free space to help untangle the many issues that can affect sexual wellness. 

If you have been experiencing symptoms like low desire and are looking for answers, schedule an appointment with Hormone Wellness MD today!

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