Menopause is a time for many women when they realize that they can’t take their health for granted. Most experience weight gain, loss of libido, sleep disruption, flagging energy, debilitating hot flashes and night sweats.

As ovarian function declines, there are cascading effects on stress hormones, thyroid hormones, insulin and other metabolic hormones. The effects of menopause can affect make your memory foggy and disrupt your mood, leaving you anxious, short fused or depressed.

Joint pain can result from declining estrogen levels. Your thermostat is off- you are overtaken with the heat of a hot flash leaving you damp with sweat and then you are shaking with chills.

You are simply exhausted at the end of the day but sleep is fitful and interrupted by night sweats. You wake in the morning and dread facing your day depleted.

As women, we often spend the bulk of our energy caring for others. Menopause is a opportunity to reexamine our need for self care. As our bodies change, this is a critical time for excellent nutrition, stress management, restorative sleep and smart exercise. At Hormone Wellness MD, the solution to menopause isn’t just a prescription for hormones, it’s an assessment of your whole person and lifestyle support to optimize your vitality.

Many women fear cancer risk from hormones and suffer through their symptoms. However, at Hormone Wellness MD we offer a variety of holistic solutions for menopausal concerns.

We will guide you through both bioidentical hormonal and non hormonal options using herbs and supplements. We will clarify much of the misinformation women are given about menopause and discover personalized solutions for your unique concerns.

If you have been experiencing menopausal symptoms and are looking for answers, schedule an appointment with Hormone Wellness MD today!

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