Functional Medicine

At Hormone Wellness MD, we prioritize discovering and healing the factors that limit optimal health. We develop a partnership with our patients to educate and empower them to restore their wellbeing.

Functional Medicine is a personalized, patient centered, scientific approach that enables a collaboration between patient and doctor. The founding principle is to identify the imbalance that creates disease. This method is in direct contrast to the standard medical approach which labels conditions without asking why or how they originated. Rather than the doctor simply prescribing a medication, she empowers the patient to use lifestyle, diet, and exercise to restore her health.

Functional Medicine:

Begins with a in-depth understanding of the patient’s history, focusing on genetic, biochemical and lifestyle factors.

Continues with a personalized treatment plan to address the source of ailment.

Employs both modern innovations in medicine and technology as well as ancient practices that use healthy foods, community and connection to restore health.

Empowers patients to become active directors in their health care. They are equipped with a deep understanding of their health condition, the factors that created it, and the solutions that can bring back their health.

Functional medicine brings hope to patients who have sought solutions to their health problems for years. Instead of turning the temporary relief of prescribed medications into a permanent solution, Dr. Watson and her team at Hormone Wellness MD diagnose problems holistically in order to reestablish health.

Whether Hormone Wellness MD is the first clinic you are visiting or simply the latest, we will do everything in our power to find an effective, long-lasting treatment and make sure Hormone Wellness MD is also the last clinic you will visit.

Take The First Step On Your Journey Back To Health

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