Useful Links

Please reference these useful links as en excellent resource for your on this journey. If you would like to share useful links please email us with your favorites so that we may share them with others.

Bamboo Underware

Kiss My Face Olive Oil Soap

Better Pantiliner

Talking With Your Partner

ASHA On Herpes

Official Version By Prolon
That Has Been Studied

Homemade Version By A Naturopath In Canada

Change Your Attitude,
Change Your Genes

My Favorite Sex Book

The Truth About Vaginal Estrogen Safety: ACOG Position Statement Referenced

Relizen Safety With Tamoxifen

Plant Based Menopause Solutions

Low Carb Flax Muffin

Metagenics Estrovera Supplement

Fosteum For Bones

Video Day 6: Advanced Testing Options

Video Day 7: Healing Stress Response

Epsom Salts



Video DAY 9: Inflammation Affects Brain Function

EWG Personal Care Database

Don’t Want To Send Your Kids Lunch To School In Plastic And Are Nervous About Glass?