At Hormone Wellness MD we have almost 20 years of experience in women’s health. Our practice prioritizes midlife women – helping them discover holistic solutions for achieving and maintaining their vitality.

“I came to Dr. Watson after researching Functional Medicine Doctors / practitioners as a substitute for my primary care physician. I wanted to heal my body and become healthy through diet, lifestyle and natural remedies, no drugs. She has been wonderful in my journey and I haven’t felt this good in over 20+ years. As a flight attendant, the job just beats your body up, which makes it that much more important to fuel your body with nutrient dense foods and plenty of rest. Through different lab tests, Dr Watson was able to identify areas where my system was off going off the rails and has prescribed the necessary natural supplements to get me back on track! I strongly recommend seeing Dr. Watson, she has done more for my overall health in the last 4 months than any Primary care physician has done for me in my entire life! Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy, the majority of the results are your own personal responsibility to change your lifestyle and eating habits.”

RH, age 58

“I have been a patient of Dr. Watson for many years and I am continually blown away by her unwavering dedication to her profession. Her quest for knowledge—to find best practices, to offer the latest in medical breakthroughs and to continue her own education—is unsurpassed. She is also a fierce advocate for her patients. She won’t give up on you—I speak from experience. As someone with a thyroid condition and early onset menopause, finding equilibrium has been a challenge, but Dr. Watson has remained steadfast and helped me find the right combination of medication and treatments, conventional and otherwise, to help me lead a more fulfilling life. She is a gift.”

KP, age 51

“I have spent the past 45 years in the healthcare field, so I know when I encounter an exceptional doctor. Of the many doctors I have seen over the past few decades, Dr. Polly Watson is the most knowledgeable, caring and compassionate. I have found most doctors don’t fully hear what I say or validate my concerns. She understands the value of listening. Dr. Watson, thank you for listening to my story!

As for knowledge, Dr. Watson is a scientist, as well as a physician. She has a 25 year understanding of how hormones, supplements, diet, exercise and sleep affect every body function.”

DJ, age 68

“I hope someday the kind of personalized medicine Dr. Watson offers is the norm. Dr. Watson has a staggering amount of knowledge and I am grateful to have found her practice. I feel so much better than I did when I met Dr. Watson! I am most grateful for her brain and help!”

JW, age 54

“When I came to Hormone Wellness MD I was struggling with a long list of symptoms – fatigue, mood swings, acne, irregular periods, low libido, the list goes on… Dr. Polly takes a complex issue and breaks it down into manageable steps that provide real results. I now know that hormone imbalances can happen at any age, and there are many ways to get your body back on track. Thank you Dr. Polly!”

EW, age 27

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