Polly Watson MD FACOG NCMP

Dr. Polly Watson is a board certified OBGYN who has been refining her practice of women’s medicine for almost 20 years. After graduating from the Medical College of Georgia in 2000, she completed her OBGYN residency at Mercy Hospital and Medical Center in Chicago, IL in 2004. After starting her own family, she chose to focus solely on gynecology beginning in 2007. Early in her career, she found that many women felt underserved in busy OBGYN practices which focused on delivering babies. Seeking to serve these women better, she concentrated her practice on menopausal medicine and became a North American Menopause Society Certified Practitioner in 2009. She has maintained that certification for almost a decade.

Inspired by her patient’s need to have sexual medicine concerns addressed in a compassionate, informed manner, she sought to broaden her skills and attended training from International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health in 2011. She continues to enjoy ISSWSH meetings and trainings.

Around the same time, her son became diagnosed with a health condition that began a quest to find solutions outside of the offerings of Western Medicine. Through reading, she began to try some dietary changes in her own family. Her son started performing 2 grades ahead of grade level after 2 months of the new diet. The teacher was astonished, and Dr. Watson had a powerful lesson that FOOD IS MEDICINE.

Hoping to bring this power to her patients, Dr. Watson started attending conferences with AIHM (Academy of Integrated Health and Medicine) in 2015 and 2016. In 2017 she began the Institute for Functional Medicine Certificate program. Dr. Watson completed the IFMCP in 2019. She is one of about 1000 providers in the US who has obtained this certification. As an impassioned life-long learner, she continues to improve her practice of medicine to discover and heal the root source of illness.

Dr. Watson looks forward to hearing your story and working with you to develop a collaborative plan of care. She understands the challenges of being a working parent and raising a family on whole foods in a fast food world. She takes great pride in educating her patients and sharing books, blogs, and recipes with them to help them find practical solutions. She also takes the time to make sure they understand the rationale for her recommendations.

In her free time, Dr. Watson enjoys yoga, hiking, biking with her kids, cooking, reading and growing heirloom veggies.

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