10 Menopause Myths: It's about time the truth is told

Ready to demystify menopause?

Join Dr. Watson and Kate Willis, NP-C as they debunk the top 10 myths surrounding menopause!

Myth 1 HRT Breast Cancer Risk > HRT Benefits (03:52)
Myth 2 HRT is just for Hot Flashes (06:32)
Myth 3 All HRT is the Same (09:11)
Myth 4 HRT Causes Weight Gain (12:25)
Myth 5 Only Compounded Hormones are Bioidentical (16:22)
Myth 6 If I’m on HRT, my Vagina is Fine (17:36)
Myth 7 If I’ve tried Vaginal Hormones and I still have Sexual Pain there aren’t any more options (19:34)
Myth 8 All Libido issues are fixed with Testosterone (22:09)
Myth 9 I can’t take HRT. There is nothing new to try (25:06)
Myth 10 You can’t start HRT until you become Menopausal — no periods for a year (26:31)

The following discussion is intended to be educational and not to be considered as medical advice. Before making any decisions about your individual health you should consult with your medical provider.

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