We employ a personalized style of medicine that approaches hormonally driven health conditions with a focus on finding the core imbalances or underlying causes rather than just treat the symptoms.


The conditions treated are not limited to these, as the scope of medicine is broad, but these are some of the most common conditions seen and treated by our care team at Hormone Wellness MD:

  • 90-minute new patient consult: $450. If you have seen Dr. Watson in a conventional medicine setting, you would be considered a new patient as this is a much more in-depth approach. What is included: Review of medical records/labs and extensive history before your appointment, formulation of personalized diet plan and stress management suggestions, review of current supplements and recommendation of pharmaceutical grade supplements, review of testing options and rationale for testing. Prescriptions for bHRT when needed. The cost of blood or functional testing, bHRT, and supplements are not included.
  • 40-minute follow-up: $200. GYN only, no functional testing. For patients who want direct GYN care and don’t want to embark on functional medicine. This may include: annual exam including pap smears/treatment of chronic vaginitis/sexual pain/vaginal dryness/breast concerns. Dr Watson is not doing procedures such as colposcopies, endometrial biopsies, IUD placement or removal at this time.

Many patients have questions about testing and costs associated with testing. I don’t make any money off testing. You pay the testing company directly. Some commonly ordered tests are as follows:

  • Dutch plus adrenal and hormone testing: $325 paid directly to the testing company.
  • Genova Comprehensive stool analysis cash price: $379 paid directly to Genova. If you want to use your insurance for this test you pay $171 and Genova will balance bill your insurance.
  • KBMO food sensitivity testing 132 foods: $275

Take The First Step On Your Journey Back To Health

Maybe you have questions you need to answer before becoming a patient. Our patient coordinator is standing by, happy to help you decide if Hormone Wellness MD is right for you.