I met recently with Dr. Megan Pasookhush at Wellness Compounding Pharmacy in Cary. She gave me a “behind the scenes” tour of her pharmacy and introduced me to her team.

Compounding Pharmacists

If you aren’t familiar with them, compounding pharmacists make prescriptions that are customized for a specific patient. Individualized therapy is critical when using bioidentical hormones. For example, if a perimenopausal female is having a hard time falling asleep she may do better with an immediate release oral bioidentical progesterone. If she has both bleeding irregularity and sleep problems, she may do better with a progesterone troche. A troche is like a gummy vitamin — you can hold half of it in your cheek and let it dissolve slowly, then swallow the other half. This unique delivery system allows the patient to have both a immediate release of the hormone to help with sleep and a slower release to help with bleeding concerns. Neither of these formulations is available through a standard prescription.


The team at Wellness Compounding in Cary is razor-focused on quality. They check each prescription twice before it gets delivered to the patient. Dr. Pasookhush is committed to using the highest quality ingredients and uses PCCA products to source her hormone formulations. PCCA quality standards exceed the government’s USP requirements.


There are so many factors at play when we are working on restoring hormonal balance. Often we are trying to clean up diets, heal the gut, decrease inflammation, and develop stress management practices. As a doctor I must have confidence that the hormonal support I am providing the patient is exactly what I have prescribed. Dr. Pasookhush and her team impressed me, and I am so excited to offer patients personalized formulations to better meet their bioidentical hormone needs.