Does the news coverage of Coronavirus leave you feeling a little anxious?

You may be feeling a little overwhelmed with the images of folks in hazmat suits and the advice to simply “wash your hands.” There are so many things that we can do right now to make our immune systems stronger for whatever is coming our way. Instead of responding to a pandemic with fear which will weaken my immune system, I choose to respond with radical self-care.

Here are some concrete things you can do to boost your immune system:

Wash your hands – I know I had to say it again. Make sure you use warm water and wash for a full 20 seconds.

Wipe off your phone with alcohol. Our hands are all over our phones. When was the last time you cleaned yours off?

Wipe down your keyboard. Ditto.

Irrigate your nose – this helps wash out viral particles before they have a chance to infect you. Moist mucus membranes are also healthier than dry ones. Xylitol nasal spray is a non habit-forming option. This product contains xylitol and grapefruit seed extract, which have antimicrobial properties:

Prioritize sleep – now is not the time for a Netflix binge. Set yourself a bedtime alarm. An hour before you want to go to bed, disconnect with your devices and connect with others or yourself. 2 cups of epsom salt in a tub of warm water goes a long way to relax your mind and your body and get ready for sleep.

Spice it up! Plenty of culinary herbs and spices have healing properties. Add oregano, sage, basil, fennel, garlic, peppermint, rosemary, and garlic to give your immune system a boost.

Have some bone broth to get a warming dose of immune healing benefits. Here is what I’m making this weekend:

Eat the Rainbow. Fill your plate with color to heal your body. Aim to get 1-2 servings of each color a day. Yes you can! I love Rebecca Katz’s soups to punch some color. Here is her recipe box here:

  • Here is what this could look like: Today I fasted until 11 am and had a spinach (Green) salad with carrots (orange) and beets (red) with turkey and some nuts. For a snack I had ½ a smoothie that had berries (red/purple/blue), avocado (green), almond milk, and some collagen protein. For dinner I had a salmon cake I made with (yellow) curry, (Green) and (white) onions and (green) parsley with (red) beet soup that had fennel (white) and onions (white). You got this.

Ditch the sugar! Refined sugars and white flour only promote inflammation.

Manage stress. Just start with something small – Take a square breath. Right now. Breathe in for 4 counts, hold for 4 counts, breathe out for 4 counts, hold for 4 counts. Do that 3 times. Feel better? If you are ready for something more, check out a mindfulness app like headspace or calm.

Supplements to support immunity:

I invite you to respond to the images of fear with love. Take care of yourself. Eat something green. Slow down and breathe. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of those who are affected with Coronavirus.