Featured in NYC’s The Museum of Sex 🙌 🍎🗽! Dr. Watson had the pleasure (no pun intended) of being interviewed by Sex Therapist Laurie Watson, PHD and Couples Therapist George Faller, LMFT on Foreplay Radio, a podcast station for couples and sex therapy.

Listen to Episode 250 of the Podcast here!

George and Laurie talk with Dr. Polly Watson, MD (no relation!) about all the new exciting advances in sex medicine to find out what helps. We discuss the O-shot, hormones, female desire drugs, toys, Scream-Cream; JoyGell, even sex robots for a laugh! Find out what works and what is fun!!

Hormone Wellness MD:

Dr. Polly Watson is a board certified Gynecologist. She is a menopause specialist and is a North American Menopause Society Certified Practitioner. Her practice focuses on finding the root cause of health imbalances. She is certified by the Institute for Functional Medicine. Dr. Watson’s practice of menopausal medicine isn’t simply giving hormones. She addresses the complex interaction of stress hormones, sex hormones, blood sugar control, gut health and detoxification to provide sustainable, whole person solutions for optimizing health. Libido class https://libidorescue.teachable.com/p/libido-rescue

If folks are in NC and would like to become a patient — Here is the link to a 10 min discovery consultation https://hormonewellnessmd.com/discovery-consultation

Triangle Compounding Pharmacy:

Triangle Compounding Pharmacy is a local leader in truly personalized medicine, has been in business as problem solvers since 1999, and we were North Carolina’s first accredited compounding pharmacy. Specializing in individualized treatments for people who need something other than what’s already out there – we cater to patients with allergies and sensitivities, hormone replacement, pain, pediatrics, nutrition, veterinary care, sterile and non-sterile compounding, anything that can’t be met by other pre-packaged solutions.

Our pharmacists go the extra mile with additional experience and training in compounding. We spend time with our clients providing consultations to assure the solutions presented meet their needs. We spend time with our prescribers to make sure we keep the triad (patient – prescriber – pharmacy) relationship strong. We have a dedicated quality team and high level quality systems, as well as our operations team to ensure we provide the highest quality compounded medication. We ship room temperature medications first class US mail for no additional charge to the 9 states we are licensed in (NC, TN, VA, FL, SC, GA, VT, NV, MN).

Sometimes things like life stressors get in the way of your relationships, contact one of our pharmacists to discuss ways we can help you get back in touch with those you care about.

Joygel is prescribed by your doctor and has been formulated to increase pleasure during intimacy.

Call and speak to a compounding specialist (919-858-0809) or email us at info@trianglecompounding.com. Discuss your needs with your prescriber and have them call or send us an order electronically.

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