Perhaps you have heard of plant based estrogens or phytoestrogens but are confused by conflicting information out there. Is soy good or bad?  Well I’m a little confused with you- many of the studies on soy don’t specify if they used organic non -GMO soy or not, so it makes interpretation difficult. Fortunately, there are many plant based estrogens that are available and less controversial.

If you want to start with food only, flax seeds and sesame seeds are great sources. Check out Rebecca Katz’s awesome Triple Brittle Recipe with sesame seeds. I’ve included a link to her recipe on the resources page along with a good, low carb flax muffin. 

If you have tried food and lifestyle but still have symptoms, you might be ready for supplements, but finding great quality is key. Metagenics makes a great supplement called Estrovera. it’s made from Rhubarb. It acts on estrogen receptor beta which means that it doesn’t act on  the breast and the uterus. Patients report a 83% reduction in hot flashes and night sweats. 

Many women are not only looking for help with hot flashes and night sweats but also have concerns about preserving their bone strength. Fosteum is a FDA approved product that addresses bone health. This is a weak plant based estrogen made from genistein. This product has some data suggesting that it helps improve bone density- studies have shown an 8% improvement in bone density comparable to taking HRT. This product does require a prescription. 

From sesame seeds to rhubarb, nature offers healing options for menopause. If you still have questions, make a consultation today and we can find the right solution for your menopausal symptoms.