Taking for yourself can be an act of love for others

I listen to a podcast called Speaking of Sex from the Pleasure mechanics. The episode I heard most recently was #318 Ester Perel’s 7 verbs of love. Her seven verbs of love are: ask, take, receive, give, share, refuse, play.

The verb that got me thinking was “take.” The Pleasure Mechanics did a nice job talking about how taking is different than receiving. When you receive the gift is offered. When you take, you are asserting your own needs. The gift may not have been offered.  So often we think about love as a selfless act. Consider how taking space for yourself in your relationships provides you with the energy to give love.

low self-care = high resentment

Taking the time for self-care is the first step in healing. If we are constantly putting others’ needs ahead of our own, we will tire and have less to give for those who depend on us. We may resent the demands of the relationship and cease to give with an open heart. Resentment extinguishes desire.

Take an hour for yourself with us!

Wednesday January 30 630-730 PM, Dr. Megan Pasookhush and I will be teaming up to talk about stress and how it affects your hormones. Take an hour for yourself and learn about ways to heal your stress response. Click the link below to join us!


The event will free and held at Wellness Compounding in Cary 3675 SW Cary Parkway Cary NC 27513.